The construction is monolithic, framed, with brick not bearing walls. There is external thermal insulation of 10 cm rock wool over a structure under a suspended, ventilated facade of fiber-cement boards and HPL panels. The external and internal walls are constructed of brickwork with a thickness of respectively 25 cm and a 12 cm with Wienerberger bricks. The building complies with all requirements for energy efficiency.

Façade: combined suspended façade, constructed with high-quality HPL, brand Fundermax, Austria and fiber-cement boards brand Cembrit; tempered glass railings.

  1. Aluminium windows with triple glazing – brand SCHUCO
  2. Insulation of 10 cm rock wool;
  3. Roof: flat with built steam waterproofing and thermal insulation system;
  4. Entrance lobby: walls – a combination of latex and granite. Ceiling – latex;
  5. Staircase: steps of quality granite, railing of stainless steel;
  6. Lifts: high-tech, electric, brand Schindler for 8 people, with a stop at any level of the building;
  7. Underground parking: polished concrete flooring with marked parking spaces;


Walls and ceilings of stucco and plaster; lime cement plaster for wet areas; putty floors;

Entrance armoured doors of Company SOLID

The designing of the residential building respects the legal requirements and assignment of the contracting authority. The living spaces are provided with a most favourable location in terms of geographical directions, in order to better sunlight.


Water supply: The buildings are designed with plumbing for hot, circulation and cold water. The main horizontal branches of the plumbing and their branches to the vertical branches have been designed openly below the ceiling of the basement as suspended installation type. The vertical branches will be laid in mound shafts, and the floor distribution boxes will be dug into the walls. The building plumbing for cold and hot circulating water is designed by pipes of cross-linked polyethene with aluminium insert Radopress Pipe life. Each apartment is provided with a solar collector, mounted on the roof, connects to the home by a copper pipeline and provides hot water for the most part of the year.

Sewerage: The present project is developed with a separate sewerage system to collect the household, sewage waste and rainwater from the building. The main horizontal branches and the branches to the vertical branches have been constructed by PVC thick-walled pipes below the ceiling of the basement as suspended installation type. The vertical and floor draining branches are designed with PVC pipes.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning: we provided a space for the air conditioning system – internal and external bodies; as well as discharging the condensate and the assembly of the pipe connection;

Electrical installation

  1. The whole electrical installation is constructed by corrugated pipes with PVA cables;
  2. Provided and constructed structured cabling to each apartment;
  3. Antenna installation for cable and satellite televisions built to each room;
  4. Bell and intercom system – provided video intercom system;
  5. Alarm system provided (wired).
  6. Measurement – provided comfortable and technological devices with remote reading;
  7. Grounding installation