About ColourCode

About the Colour Code

„St. Petka Investment“ was established in June 2013. It is subsidised by the activity of specialised in Ophthalmology Eye Clinics and hospitals „St. Petka“.

The aim of the investor company is to create high-tech buildings that meet the modern trends in the architecture. Such building is the Eye Hospital „St. Petka“ – city of Varna. It was built according to today’s architectural criteria. Not in vain it won the „Building of the Year 2015“ award in health care area.

The future intentions of the investor company „St. Petka Investment“ are to create exclusive, advanced and high-quality buildings that meet the needs of the people in the present.

The author of Colour Code is JAS Studio.

Studio was founded in 2006 by architect Jacqueline Mitova and since then created a lot of projects for residential, public buildings, interiors and competitions.

In 2013 the team of JAS Studio takes nominee for contemporary architecture Mies Van Der Rohe for the project of a residential building in Priboi, Varna. In 2015 is a winner in “Building of the year” for “Specialized Eye Hospital” in Varna.

JAS Studio is proud with all these buildings and they are evidence for ingenious and potentialities of architect Jacqueline Mitova.


Own underground parking with 35 parking lots, separate entrance and exit;


Charging for EVs


Parking facility for bicycles


CCTV and access control


Solar collectors for hot water


Playground, gazebo – barbeque, a park for residents;


Gym; hall for parties for owners


The Building Colour Code coincidentally is located in the neighbourhood Breeze, which is one of the best areas of Varna. Besides its beauty and communication, it is notable for being one of the fastest growing areas in the city. In this area are constantly being built residential complexes, competing in design and style. But what stands Colour Code above the rest is that it combines the best of the modern vision of architects and technology.

The apartments in the complex are spacious and have sound insulation between each of them. There are a playground, gazebo with barbeque, green areas and benches for rest. There is a separated zone where residents can spend their leisure time and relax after long working days or to spend a quiet weekend.

Site Area:

1782 кв.м.

Total Built up Area:

6157 кв.м.

Total Built up Area:

1615,5 кв.м.

Number of apartments:


Other entities:

Restaurant; 3 shops

Entity Built-up area Area with common parts Free/Occupied
Apartment Building in plot XXX – 322
Shop 108.39 143.54 Sold
Ap.1 140.30 182.90 Sold
Ap.2 136.58 178.05 Sold
Ap.3 102.50 168.37 Sold
Roof terrace Ap.3 11.81   Sold
Roof terrace Ap.3 17.22   Sold
  516.80 672.87  
Apartment Building in plot XXXI – 322
Entrance A
Shop A 167.95 189.20 Sold
Restaurant/Cafe 351.38 395.84 Sold
Ap.A1 116.62 130.44 Sold
Ap.A2 156.77 175.34 Sold
Ap. А3 127.26 142.34 Sold
Ap. А4 113.86 127.35 Sold
Ap. А5 161.42 180.54 Sold
Ap. А6 123.54 138.18 Sold
Ap. А7 94.42 123.94 Sold
Roof terrace Ap.A7 17.31   Sold
Ap.A8 203.54 305.54 Sold
Roof terrace Ap.A8 15.74   Sold
Roof terrace Ap.A8 56.16   Sold
Entrance B
Party room 85.00 95.75 Sold
Shop B 72.44 81.60 Sold
Fitness room 55.77 62.83 Sold
Ap.B1 204.92 229.20 Sold
Ap.B2 99.09 110.83 Sold
Ap.B3 192.04 214.79 Sold
Ap.B4 199.98 223.67 Sold
Ap.B5 102.17 114.27 Sold
Ap.B6 193.49 216.41 Sold
Ap.B7 202.47 295.22 Sold
Roof terrace Ap.B7 24.04   Sold
Roof terrace Ap.B7 39.63   Sold
Ap.B8 159.70 248.98 Sold
Roof terrace Ap.B8 34.68   Sold
Roof terrace Ap.B8 30.07   Sold
  3401.46 3802.24